My Greatest Achievement

My little girl will be turning 10 within a couple of hours.

She’ll pass her child phase, moving to another phase of her life.

She’s quiet, like me. Deep in her thoughts, absorbing things happening around her. It’s not easy to ask her to tell things. I just let her decide when she’ll tell me herself. I don’t like being pushed and I won’t do that to others.

She’s one of the shortest in her class, but her mind isn’t. She has a broad mind, influenced by what she’s seen so far. She has traveled far since she was a baby, has seen people from different races, language, religion and colors.

I’m often not proud of myself, I feel like I haven’t achieved anything in my life. But when I look at her, my heart blooms with pride. To see her mirroring my pride to my country, to see her serving altar like me when I was little. And I never force her to do those things.

She’s my greatest achievement, my pride. She makes my life meaningful, she’s a reminder that there’s something good comes from me.

She’s a gift that God has sent to me. A gift that has to be taken care of.

But there’s something else beyond all of those above. She’s not my posession. There will come a time when she’s ready to fly and spreads her wings and leave me. May God help us raising her, to prepare her for her future…